Three hints for creating dramatic planters and staying in budget:

1: Use a central plant that can either overwinter in your house (as the black taro here) or a shrub that will fill a landscape requirement come fall.

2: Add new perennials (see the chocolate mint in the pics below) that can be used in the garden when this growing season is over.

3. Add perennial divisions from your own garden (see the cimicifuga ‘hillside black beauty’ in the pics below) that need time to mature before being added to another planting area.

For these planters, I’ve stayed with the darks ~ this includes the flower of the ivy geraniums that were a splurge but hopefully can be held over in the greenhouse for next year.  I love the smoky effect against the bronze green of the house and the contrast with the terra cotta planters, but I could easily spike it w/ chartreuse or lime for contrast.  Note that I’ve stayed with plants that the gophers won’t decimate~would have loved fat orange begonias, but it only takes one season to learn how crafty they are!Image


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