Green Value

You know your property has an appraised value. You also know it has an assessed value. Do you know it has a green value? Understory plants are worth more than you may realize, and your land likely holds a cache of material that can be saved for use in the finished landscape. There’s a window of opportunity between the closing and construction dates to identify the perennials, shrubs and trees that can be salvaged for transplant. This material is usually more mature than standard nursery stock, zone-hardy and native, which makes it a good environmental decision. It’s also free, which makes it a good business decision. Before you build, call for a green appraisal.


  • Plant salvage is practical and profitable
  • An appraisal prior to sale can add to the list value
  • Replanting native material helps maintain biodiversity
  • Reusing mature stock improves the finished landscape
  • Caching reusable material is easy


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