Stew Blue: Stewardship Tastes Good!

The current landscaping within the area pictured below does nothing to highlight the beautiful birch at the center, nothing to enhance the landscape as a whole, and nothing to improve habitat for the local wildlife.  There’s one solution to all three problems — one simple act of stewardship in the form of half-highs, a cross between high-bush and low-bush blueberry, to replace the assorted perennials and weed-infested grass.  There’s nothing wrong with the perennials in and of themselves, so in accordance with my favorite mantra ~ reduce, reuse, recycle and replant ~ they’ll be transplanted to other areas of the property.  The grass covering the back half of the space will be dug and ditched, the soil amended and the blues installed all around.

NB: Not only will the birch and blueberry look great together (the fall coloration will be smashing) but they share a common desire for a low pH, so they’ll do well in the same soil.  If that hadn’t been the case, I’d have recommended a different native, but I’d still have covered the area in one material — it’s the best move from a design standpoint, allowing the eye to rest a moment and take in what is being seen.

go here to download info on using natives in the landscape:

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